Writing After Retirement: Tips from Successful Retired Writers

        Unlike previous volumes which focus on how to earn a living while writing in very specific areas, this anthology accurately describes a wide range of different avenues an aspiring author can pursue, either for profit or for personal fulfillment. Speaking directly to retirees, this book opens doors to many other areas worth pursuing; its chapters vary from the inspirational (the importance of linking to a community with similar interests, reconnecting to one’s dreams, seeking inspirational sources) to the quotidian (everyday writing tips, and how to use one’s experience to find subjects to write about). 

      Writing after Retirement provides a variety of vantage points from published authors and paints a realistic portrayal of what it takes to get started in the industry. This book also includes preparation for the challenges that aspiring writers face, and practical guides for overcoming them. 

     A range of issues are addressed: 
•Linking one’s writing to current activities 
•The nuts and bolts of writing 
•Planning one’s estate 
•New career paths 
•Writing opportunities 
•Practical advice on how to take that first step 

     Whether writing for pleasure or for profit, the reader will find plenty to choose from in this collection. 

     Carol Smallwood co-edited Women on Poetry: Writing, Revising, Publishing and Teaching on the list of Best Books for Writers by Poets & Writers Magazine; Women Writing on Family: Tips on Writing, Teaching and Publishing (2012); Lily’s Odyssey (2010). Her library experience includes school, public, academic, special libraries, teaching, administration, and consulting 

     Christine Redman-Waldeyer launched Adanna, a print journal for women and about women, in January 2011. Redman-Waldeyer is a poet and assistant professor in the Department of English at Passaic County Community College in New Jersey. She has published three poetry collections. 


September 2014  282 pages  978-1-4422-3829-9  $95.00 Cloth 
September 2014  282 pages  978-1-4422-3830-5  $55.00 Paper 
September 2014  282 pages  978-1-4422-3831-2  $54.99 eBook

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